Eek!! My first MS-y blog……

……So this one has actual words and explanations and not just swearing.

My husband is really good at this sort of thing. I am less so. He told me that I need to be able to say why I am writing this blog in 30 words. I’m not sure I can explain anything in 30 words. Much less why this terrifyingly damaging disease has compelled me to write a blog. So here goes……(I’m clearly ignoring the 30 word thing)

Reasons to write this blog:

  • I want people to know I have MS.
  • I want more people to know more stuff about MS.
  • I want people who have been diagnosed with MS to feel less terrified.
  • I want people to feel more positive if they are living with MS
  • I want people to feel ok about it if they have times when they don’t feel positive
  • I want to write about all the ways I have managed my symptoms with the help of yoga, meditation, massage, exercise and diet.
  • I want a way to speak to people that may not involve me walking around a yoga studio if my legs completely pack up. (Love you Legs. Please don’t completely pack up)
  • And most of all I want to say it out loud and stop hiding it and pretending it’s not happening to me. It’s been an exhausting few years!

So there you have it. Feels good to get it out there and make a start.

Back soon

Lynne x


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