So this is weird

I’m in hospital. What a bizarre experience. I’m not sure I ever believed it would actually happen until now. And now I’m here, it feels like I’m watching it happen to someone else.

Firstly, I haven’t got to do anything. Weird

Secondly, I am quite enjoying not having to do anything. Very weird.

And thirdly (is that a word…?), I am lying next to a locked drawer full of steroids, anti-virals and who-knows- what-else which I will be filling my body with as from tomorrow to counter the effects of the immune destroying beast that is Lemtrada.

I’m quite scared of Thirdly.



  1. mariudances · October 4, 2015

    It is ok to be scared, how can you be brave if you do not feel that
    ? Feel it fully, and use the pure energy it brings you to be well, free, and happy xxxx


  2. Gina Hardy · October 4, 2015

    Love you darling! GOOD luck and SEE a healthy vibrant body ALLL THE WAY xxxx


  3. Gill · October 4, 2015

    I still see you as the gorgeous little girl next door, stay strong Lynney xxx


    • Lynne Jarrett · October 6, 2015

      that’s lovely Gill. I still remember you telling me off for not using enough toothpaste when you were babysitting one night x


  4. Andrew Jarrett · October 4, 2015

    Don’t be scared Lynne. Think of things that make you smile and laugh. R’member when we used to…….have food fights? The best one was with the apple core in Limecragg. Took some cleaning up that!! X 😂


    • Lynne Jarrett · October 6, 2015

      Not scared now Andrew. Apparently I now have steroid face. A bit flushed and I’m totally wired. I might have to get some in at home!!! xxx


  5. Donna · October 4, 2015

    GooD luck L xxx


  6. Lucy · October 5, 2015

    Sending you positive thoughts and courage , and a great big hug . ❤️


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