Deep breath. School run here we come…

6.30am – I hear the teeny tiny stair stomping of my beautiful little beasts. I’m really excited to see them, but I am also trying to work out how MS-ey I am feeling today before I even move. Hubby pretends he is still asleep by simulating a near death state.

7.30am Breakfast-Mania. The simple task that is making weetabix involves me dragging my two year old around the kitchen on my leg whilst simultaneously trying to stop my 5 year old from practising terrifyingly uncoordinated cartwheels on the sofa. Coffee at this stage is pointless. It would either end up cold or all over my toddlers head.

8.00 Coffee time. Today is a good day so I have a delicious milky sugary coffee. On a bad day coffee gives me a buzzing sensation in my hands, feet and sometimes my face. Why drink coffee at all I hear you say? Good question. Well, I hardly drink alcohol, I don’t smoke or go out late anymore and am constantly monitoring what I eat to keep my energy levels as high as possible. I am boring as hell. I love coffee. I think I deserve a coffee on a good day. (I am clearly trying to justify this to myself more than anyone)

8.40am Mad-School-Run-Rush. Please get your school shoes on. Please get your school shoes on. Please get your school shoes on. Please get your school shoes on. Why have you taken your clothes off? It’s too cold to go out naked. Yes you can be Rapunzel today. Anything to get your big sister to school on time. Mummy can’t run. Her leg doesn’t work properly so we have to leave in plenty of time in case I am a bit limpy. Please stop undoing everything.

8.43am Tactical wee. Multiple Sclerosis + Two children = absolutely no bladder confidence whatsoever.

8.59am Phew we are at school on time. Just. Scooters wrestled off furious two year old and slotted into scooter parks (I angered her by stopping her diving into the road). Into classroom. Coat on peg. Where is two year old? Aah there she is. Bag in drawer. Where is two year old? Aah phew. Find five year old something to distract her from the fact that Mummy is leaving her here. Lovely teacher approaching. Where is two year old? Lovely teaching assistant says she is guarding the door so not to worry. Phew. Nearly there. Have a lovely day at school. Mummy loves you. I’ll be back later. Please let go darling. I might lose my very unreliable balance if you don’t. And that leg is really not working today. I have to go now. Before anyone sees me almost fall on my arse. Finally make the break. Outside with crazy two year old who wants to try out ALL the scooters parked at the school.

9.10 Phew. Right, Where’s the nearest loo….?


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