I’m “back”. So what’s different?

Hello blog.

It’s been a while. Three weeks in fact. (Soz if you’ve been feeling neglected). In that three weeks I have gone from “easing myself back in” to my everyday life (whilst worrying whether I will make it through a full day, let alone a full week) to throwing myself into the madness of school runs, after-school play-dates, Christmas shopping and just generally being me again. And as suspected, I love it.

So back to the question. What’s different?

Well most people now know I have MS. That’s really different.

I am no longer thirty-something which is strangely and unexpectedly comforting.

I still feel absolutely knackered by teatime. I have two young children so I’ve accepted that might not change for quite some time.

My jeans are quite a lot tighter due to my in-recovery-biscuit-and-daily- mince-pie consumption. And that’s not going to get different until well after Christmas.

My house is still really cluttered. That hasn’t changed yet either. Actually it has. It’s worse.

My right knee now occasionally feels like it is full of bees. Only for a few seconds at a time. That’s a new thing (a sensation which I am hoping is a sign of repair and a big improvement)

My “optimistic ironing pile” (pictured above) still remains, but my attitude towards it has altered. I now accept that it is unlikely that it will ever be completed, and have taken it firmly off my “list”.  Ironing piles are really unsatisfying. They grow at a much faster rate than they can be done. It’s like opening a huge can of crumpled worms, as you find clothes to iron that you had never bothered to iron before. It’s a bit like refreshing the paint on one wall and realizing the rest of the room now looks like shit.  From now on I will only deal with clothing that requires absolutely no ironing ever. Hubby is a bit worried that I am going to send him to work in lycra (sorry to those who know my husband and now have  a disturbing image of him in their mind).

Even though life is still very normal and nothing much has moved on around me, I feel like I’ve been given a new beginning. My brain is different. My eyes are different. I can see all the important stuff clearly now. I’m so looking forward to starting again with my focus firmly on the stuff that matters. This is what has really changed.





  1. David · December 22, 2015

    I have never known a lack of ironed clothes to be a particular source of concern to your husband. Good news about the bees! Have a great Xmas to you all.


    • Lynne Jarrett · December 22, 2015

      cheers Dave. you’re right. I don’t even think he would care if he was wearing lycra!! Happy Christmas to you all x


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