Tax return. Tax return. Tax return.

There’s no fun in a tax return (apart from my new spreadsheet designed by clever hubby, although even that looks less exciting after a couple of drop-down menus). And there’s going to be even less fun if the government decides I need to do it four times a year. Fingers crossed for that one.

I can’t imagine that anyone enjoys them, but add MS brain fog and cognitive fatigue into the mix and it’s chaos. I used to think my lack of concentration when it came to such matters was due to my ‘easily distracted and more interested in yoga postures’ brain. But apparently not. Cognitive fatigue is really a thing. An MS thing. Which can also sometimes apply to filling in seemingly simple forms, reading instructions and making decisions.

Luckily for the 8th year running I have left mine until late January. This is not due to MS. This is just due to me.

I suppose I’d better do my tax return and stop writing blogs…



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