Holy Shit. This blog isn’t going to write itself

It’s been a while. A really long while. And the longer I leave it, the harder it gets. I’m now a little bit scared of the reaction to my next post. Like I’ve asked for too many extensions on my essay deadline and it’s going to get a big fat zero regardless of content.

A lot has happened since I last posted. Good days, bad days, infections (always bad for MS), endless antibiotics for a relentless case of sinusitus, lots of brutal cuts to vulnerable people’s financial support and tax evasion stories created by our wonderful government, retraction of cuts (or maybe more cleverly disguised cuts), back to work busy-ness,  general frantic household organisation and finally –  the realisation that my babies are no longer babies and I am DEFINITELY a grown up.

What has not happened however is any blog writing. For weeks and weeks. The sinusitis made sure of that by making it impossible to stare at my laptop for longer than five minutes at a time. And as far as me sorting out the annoying pile of letters/bills/admin on my kitchen top is concerned…I’m coming to terms with its ever increasing height. I’ve had to.

At least I now have somewhere high up and out of reach to store my beloved sunglasses.

Back soon. Sooner than before. Promise.





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