Help. I’m trapped in my own nutty head.

If you are sitting in the house reading this and thinking “why the hell am I reading this crap? It’s Saturday, I should at least be watching a good film”,  then please read on. It is guaranteed to make you feel less disappointed in your own quiet night in.

I’m not kidding when I say that I have spent the last hour and a half writing a to-do-list. Not just a little notelet/back of an envelope-type-list. An actual word document. Which I am spending time editing and planning to put into another more sectioned and weekly check-able and tick-off-able document with “realistic dates of completion”.(Can you tell I used to work for big corporations?)

One of the tasks on this list is “Write some blogs. Not boring shit ones”. I’m hoping that this one raises a smile, even if it is only in sympathy for me and my Saturday night in.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t get much done. Or that I always have a pile of admin to catch up on. Maybe if I stopped writing lists, I would get through some of these tasks I hear you say. I would do, but I love it. It makes me feel positive that I may actually achieve something in the coming week. Unfortunately a lot of entries in my frequently updated list have been there for years and it looks like they might be there till at least 2020.

So whilst you reach for another beer, I am going to complete my long list of unrealistic tasks and go to bed happy in the knowledge that I am going to at least try to complete a few of them this week.

Night night.



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