MS Awareness Week 2016: 25th April – 1st May 2016

So with MS awareness week almost upon us I thought it was about time I got involved. For years I didn’t want to (at least 5 years of total denial stopped me doing anything at all) but nowadays I feel completely up for talking about it, to the point that I feel my life without MS would be a little less “me” (although not sure my friends and family would happily agree with this).

So here I am doing my bit to raise awareness. Even if this only reaches a handful of people, it’s better than no people. And if it reaches a lot of people then even better (I really wanted to say amazeballs here, but I just used that in a previous blog about those amazingly delicious little balls of joy from Deliciously Ella. Yes I am now obsessed).

One of the easiest things I can do is to raise awareness of the condition, the care and support available and how to access it if you need it. I for one felt completely confused and horrified after diagnosis and had no idea where to turn or what to do. There are some brilliant organisations such as the MS Trust and the MS Society which are a great place to start. So if you fancy helping raise awareness, you could share the info below, or just this blog, and pass it on to anyone you think might need it.

What is MS?

And then there is the subject of care. With increasing pressures on the NHS, the amazing MS nurses are just one area that is really under pressure.  I have needed this aspect of care so much over the last few years.  Just being able to voice what seems like a random and potentially meaningless concern to someone who recognises this as a real “MS thing” is wonderfully reassuring. And this is just one aspect of the whole picture. The MS Trust are collating info from people across the UK living with MS in order to support and work with MS Specialists across the NHS helping to ensure that the care received is as good and fair as it can possibly be. As the NHS is already under extreme pressure,  organisations such as The MS Trust are essential as they can offer further valuable support.

Let’s make MS care fair

Social media has made the world a much smaller and more reachable place, so lets use it to spread the word. Not forgetting of course the ever important pictures of our babies, animals, allotments, cakes and cars and also some fairly unrealistic (for most people) yoga postures. Facebook wouldn’t be the same without it.


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