World MS Day 25th May 2016

So today is World MS Day. It’s a day to raise awareness. A day to help more people understand this horrible bugger of a condition. A day to think about and help those who live with MS on a daily basis.

This year, the theme of the day is “Independence”. I’ve tried to imagine my life without it. How would that feel? How would it be to have to ask someone to dress me or take me to the shops? Or worst of all (for me anyway)- the toilet. What a shitter (sorry).

So for the whole of today I will be hoping for as much independence as humanly possible for everyone possible.

And apart from that,  I will be doing what I do every day. Getting on with my amazing life by the sea with my gorgeous little family and mostly trying to forget that I have MS at all.

Huge love and courage to anyone who has MS or has been affected by MS.

I’m with you all

Lynne x


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