Global Wellness Day 2016

Please look at the Global Wellness Day website if you need a bit of encouragement to kick start a healthier and calmer you. I’ve just come across it and I love it!

I love the philosophy. I love its inclusiveness. And it’s not just for the health gurus, or the 100% physically-able; their philosophy applies to everyone. Live to your best ability from every aspect. Take a day off from the chaos. For the over-organised: put the to-do lists aside for a day. It’s Sunday. Be Old-Fashioned-Sunday-ish.

Don’t get me wrong, I can totally understand why someone with a serious, progressive, long-term health condition could feel like giving up trying to live heathily. I really can. Sometimes it’s really shit to know that no matter what I do, I still have a long-term illness that isn’t going anywhere no matter how many green juices I drink.

But something inside my head and my heart will simply not allow me to give up. I think about how I can improve my health, fitness and general wellbeing every single day. Lots. And I bore the arse off my husband with ideas of how to keep us healthy  ALL the time.

We all know that taking care of ourselves is important. Good nutrition and  regular exercise is essential if you want to feel your best. But today, I invite you to join me in the other stuff too.

Rest, relaxation, switching off, doing something creative, eating an ice cream, making your own bread if for no other reason than to smell the smell it makes in your house, laying on the floor for at least ten minutes with your eyes closed (preferably in a place where neither animals nor small people can disturb you), taking a really long bath with candles and stuff, writing a song, singing a song, reading an actual paper thing such as a newspaper, book or magazine…

Do whatever you feel like doing. Just make sure it makes you feel wonderfully human and happy to be so.

Happy Sunday Everyone x




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