Uh – oh. Here we go again…

Nearly a year has passed since all of this started. Hospitals, blogs and fatigue like you wouldn’t believe.

After a few months of “normal” life, it’s here; the second part of my hopefully (and so far I think so) miraculous treatment for this shitter of a disease.

I can’t really say I’m nervous. I know what’s coming. But I am massively and constantly aware.

And now it’s September. And my treatment is in September. And that means it’s nearly here.

So I’ll spend the next few weeks doing what I always do when I’m secretly a bit scared (in this case I’m a bit scared of willingly wiping out a large part of my immune system).

1. I will exercise like I’m 25 again

2. I will cook sauces and soups and pies and curries and fill my freezer with them

3. I will brutally declutter my house (watch out any unnecessary objects I come across)

Control freak?









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