Health anxiety.

Turns out it’s a thing. Who knew?

Well apparently, loads of people knew, but I wasn’t one of them. Until I realised it was a real thing that lots of people have, I just thought it was my weirdo little stress.

Bear in mind that I also didn’t know what MS was until I had it. Clearly I’m not a reliable source of whether a thing is a thing.

But this really is. Quite a few of you have been in touch following my post on Friday (thank you so much for making me feel much less nuts and alone in this) and I suppose it makes a lot of sense.

Of course people with chronic illness suffer from stress, anxiety and depression, and it’s obvious why. The not-knowing how it’s going to be, alongside the daily symptoms (fatigue and weakness being just a couple of them for me) can be highly stressful.

Most of the time, I’m not anxious. In fact I only really feel this way when I can’t ignore it all and get on with my life. Which for me is when I go into hospital, or talk to doctors who really do know all the things.

Also, a lot of you that got in touch are mothers (although I know it’s not exclusively so) which makes a lot of sense too. For me, once the responsibility of taking care of my precious little beings kicked in, all sorts of other previously quieter concerns were launched to the front of my mind.

In my 20’s if I had a problem, worry or dickhead of a boyfriend to deal with, I’d solve it in the pub with my supportive and drunken besties who were always happy to have a reason to drink and solve problems. Now if I feel a little bit stressed, I sip chamomile tea and meditate and if I’m feeling a big bit stressed, I’ll ditch that for an episode of Made In Chelsea and a bag of chocolate buttons.

So in a very long winded way, I just wanted to say a big thank you to those of you who got in touch, and a big virtual hug to those who might feel the same but prefer to keep it to themselves.

Love Lynne x




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