Happy Christmas to me and my feet

I probably don’t need to tell you that I have had these ratty old trainers for a long time.

They are most definitely older than my children.

When I bought them, I used to run along Brighton seafront in them. Then when my daughters were born I walked for miles and miles in them whilst they slept and cooed in the pram.

And then my walking deteriorated so trainer shopping was not high on my list of priorities.

But now look at them. So tired and worn. And not even slightly waterproof. A bit like me (although thankfully I am still waterproof). If I were my legs, I’m pretty sure I would want some new trainers too.

So yes hubby I give in. I think it’s about time I got some new trainers to go with all the walking and running I am determined to do in 2017.

Thank goodness for internet shopping.






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