Sparkly New Year, where are you?

I’m usually a big fan of January and February. In spite of the cold and dark, lingering Christmas belly, and terrifying lack of money, it still gives me that “new school year” feeling by encouraging me to (re)start doing the stuff I really enjoy.

I get the same at the end of the summer. I’ll walk into WHSmith and stare at the pencil cases hoping that a new batch of stationery will inspire an organised and creative new me. (Dear God, tell me I am not the only one who does this…?)

But it’s already February and I am gradually becoming impatient for some of the good bits of 2017 to appear. It all seems to have been a bit sad so far, not just for me, but also for some lovely and undeserving people around me. Not to mention the increasingly nobby political decisions being made around the world, seemingly just to make people’s lives much more awful than they need to be.

After a fairly shocking 2016 worldwide, this January I was (maybe naively) hoping for a bit more of the good stuff. I did not expect 2017 to already be feeling like 2016, but without the relentless cavalcade of celebrity deaths (although admittedly Renee from Allo Allo has hit me hard).

The saddest part of my year has been that our legend of a Grandad died in January, just over an hour before his 102nd birthday. He had always said that he wouldn’t spend a single night in a care home. The fact that he stuck to his guns and nipped off to the other side before they had a chance to tuck him in for his first night makes me feel strangely comforted. I miss you lots Grandad.

Of course, anyone who sees me knows the reality is that I’m not as entirely sad or overwhelmed as this blog suggests. I’m certainly not dragging myself around without a smile. I always have things to be happy about. It’s been a tough few weeks for me and a few of the important people in my life, but every day I am so grateful for my family, friends and wonderful life here by the sea. And at least Vicki Michelle is still with us.

Right-o, I’m off to buy some daffodils.

Come on Spring. Where are you?



  1. myfamilyhomeblog · February 12, 2017

    I understand your impatience. Apparently the spring flowers are out in Cornwall, according to my sister in law. I’m filling the house with them at the moment to give me my spring fix. The aroma of the hyacinths is so uplifting.
    I am sorry to hear about your grandad. He sounds as though he was quite a personality. Keep smiling lovely lady xx


    • Lynne Jarrett · February 12, 2017

      Thanks Jules!! Yes I’m going to get more flowers in this week. Love the springtime colours. Can’t wait!!! X


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