Happy Valentine’s Day

IMG_3565.JPGI’m a big believer in taking great care of yourself, not just with what you eat and how you keep your body fit, but also allowing yourself time to do stuff that makes you truly happy and relaxed.

So for those of you who are feeling that today is just one big annoying money making exercise, or that it’s a bit unfair on those of us that are not in a happy relationship, then please please please do something lovely for yourself today anyway.

As my hubby has just come down with a very serious case of “man flu”,  I will be the one to make sure that we have an evening full of romance (at a distance of course – I really don’t want to catch man flu. It seems much worse than any common cold I’ve ever had).

So in the interest of taking good care of myself, after I have cooked us a delicious meal, I am going to tuck hubby up into bed with a hot lemon, remove all the brightly coloured plastic toy-tat from our bathroom, run myself a bubble bath, light candles, play a bit of George Michael and relax. For ages. Till I’m wrinkly from the hot water. I will then get into bed early to read my book. Amazing.

Hmm I might even shave my legs.

Nah. That seems a bit too much like a job on my to-do list.

I think I’ll wait till it’s a bit warmer for shaving.

Happy Valentining everyone x





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