Forget 5 a day – 10 a day is where it’s at


I’ve tried all sorts to try and stay on top of my health. Ayurveda, The Jelinek plan (Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis), Deliciously Ella, Clean Eating, all different types of fasting and The Wahls Protocol (way too meaty for me).

After many a month of trying to stick to these really awkward diets cutting out this and that for a bit and undoubtedly sounding like an obsessive nutter and a total pain in the arse to socialise with,  I always ended up feeling stressed, exhausted and in need of a large pizza.

But they all had a common and totally brilliant and simple message.

Eat more fruit and veg. Cook from scratch. Avoid processed food like the plague.

So this is what I’ve taken from all those books and articles I’ve read. And these little nuggets above are what gives me the most energy and the fewest MS symptoms, without the faff. If I am feeding my body with stacks and stacks of vitamins and nourishing food it makes sense that my body will thank me for it and I will feel better.

So here’s to scrapping the idea of “5 a day” and replacing it with “as much as you can fit into your day” a day. I have definitely had it with counting portions of anything, weighing chia seeds and only eating oil from a farm that guarantees the freshest of flax (although I will probably keep this one up when I can as it’s healthy and local and great).

This article has some great ideas on how to add a few more fruit and veg into your diet.

Meet the people who eat 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day

It’s Sunday. Get chopping healthy people.




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