MS Awareness Week

IMG_5511Last week was MS Awareness week.

Oops. I forgot.

Ironically I’ve been feeling too MS-y to spread the word (the messy hair and lack of make-up is always a giveaway).

Anyway, I’ve decided it doesn’t really matter when I try to increase awareness, so I’m doing it this week instead.

Share and comment and do all of those lovely social-media-spreading-of-words if you fancy it. The more people know about it, the less scary and misunderstood MS will be. I for one was terrified when I was first diagnosed. And even more so when I was waiting to find out why I couldn’t feel my fingers and toes sometimes.

Here’s a link to a couple of great websites.

MS Trust

MS Society

MS Trust and MS Society have been doing great work in the form of research and raising awareness for years. And they continue to do so. This is such a valuable tool for anyone affected by MS. Brilliantly straightforward information that you can read at your own pace – which is essential when newly diagnosed – when all information is scary information.

And for those of you who are more local to me, here is a link to my local MS centre.

Sussex MS Centre

I was too scared to walk in for the first few years that I lived here. I’m not sure what I was scared of. Maybe the feeling that I really and truly had MS. I didn’t need to feel scared. It’s one of the most warm, welcoming and supportive places I have come across.

Happy word-spreading

Love, Lynne x



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