How amazing can it be?

At the weekend I was lucky enough to see a lovely friend of mine who I haven’t seen for years. A fellow yoga teacher, she also happens to be an expert in nutrition.

I like to think of myself as health conscious with a fairly good grasp of what’s good for me and what’s not when it comes to my diet. And although I have been getting a lot of it right, after learning more at the weekend it turns out I’ve also been getting some of it wrong.

So after a lot of post-yoga-day inspirational thinking, I’ve decided to go for it and see how great I can really feel.

I usually let myself off the hook with the dramatic changes in eating habits, saying things to myself like “you’ve got MS, you deserve some treats in life” or “it’ll be so exhausting avoiding all those delicious foods”. But what my lovely friend made me wonder is whether it would be exhausting at all…

What if it was the opposite of exhausting? What if I felt so good that it was more than worth the effort? I’ve recently had a big increase in energy from simply upping my water and vitamin D intake. So imagine if I was to add loads more healthy nutrients and anti-inflammatory foods into my diet. And then imagine if I reduced the inflammatory parts of my diet too. It might be amazing.

The nutrition geek in me is starting to become a lot more than a little excited.

Of all the advice she gave me, this is what stood out to me the most – “Think less about cutting stuff out and more about adding more healthy stuff in”.

I really like this approach

I’m starting with this colourful bunch.


I’ll keep you posted…



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