Healthy, Happy and MS-y

IMG_6645I am always grateful to have been diagnosed with MS when I was relatively young.
Yes it was a shock. And yes I cried incessantly for a month. I feared that all the things I wanted in life were now impossible.
Luckily the control-freak in me took over and I have since been doing lots and lots to keep myself as well as possible.
So far, so good.
MS has forced me to take care of myself in ways which I’m not sure I would have done without it.  I have an in-built warning system which means I get a definite warning such as numbness or a headache when I am overdoing it. But after ten years of living with MS, I now don’t even have to get to this point before I realise I need to down tools for a few days (well, as much as I can with two small children to take care of!).
Here’s a great video clip of Nicola Chapman of pixiwoo talking about her experience of MS. It feels good to hear that others are living and managing MS in the way that I am.
As everyone affected by MS knows, there are different types and levels of disease progression, but as more and more treatments become available, I really hope that we will all have the ability to improve our health further with simple lifestyle choices. It has had such a positive effect on me, physically and mentally, and I hope that this is something that is available to everyone with MS very soon.  
Take care of your precious selves.
Love, Lynne ❤


  1. trippingthroughtreacle · August 9

    I really admire Nicola Chapman for coming out about her MS and raising awareness. I am also trying to keep healthy though diet, exercise and meditation to help me manage MS. Even though I have had MS for almost 25 years and have some mobility difficulties, I think making lifestyle choices to help with MS really helps me to feel more in control of the disease 🙂 xx

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  2. Lynne Jarrett · August 9

    I absolutely agree! I feel so much better when I’m eating and sleeping properly and exercising regularly x


  3. emmyslifeinablog · August 9

    I love this post! I am 22, I have recently been diagnosed with relapse and remittance MS late December (my Christmas was ruined!) I thought my life was over. Seeing posts like this really keeps my spirits up knowing that you can still go out there and enjoy life and be the free spirited person you want to be. I am new to Word Press so I look forward to meeting more MS family!! Love, emma x


    • Lynne Jarrett · August 10

      Hope you’re doing ok. Diagnosis is quite scary for a while but I think finding out young is a good opportunity to take really good care of yourself which I believe slows progression. Good luck with your blog! Lynne x

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