Happy New (slower and kinder) Year

7813051B-AB2E-4601-A4A6-A507DDCC3B93I’ve been meaning to write this for a few days and something has stopped me each day. As a Yoga teacher, MS-y blogger and health geek I felt it was something I really ought to be doing.

But whenever I started reading articles and blogs about “New Year Clean eating ” or “New Year’s Resolutions” I realised that it wasn’t really how I was feeling.

And as I only ever write about how I’m feeling, it just wasn’t going to work.

I’m easing into 2018. As usual I’m feeling a bit lethargic after the Christmas travelling, over-indulgence and general lack of routine. So I’ve decided it’s probably more important to gradually regain some of those lovely habits that keep me so well and sane, rather than scrabbling around at the bottom of the fridge for green things to go into the nutribullet from the minute the new year starts.

So last night instead of cutting out dairy, sugar and all things tasty, I ate some cheese and booked myself a massage.

And yesterday instead of frantically sprinting off the mince pies (which I can’t really do anyway due to my crazy leg),  I went for a speedy march to the beach in the rain just as it was getting dark. On my own. It was blissfully energising and lung clearing.

Yesterday was the last day of the Christmas holidays with my kids. So after a torturous shopping experience (online shopping is always wiser), we had a tasty, warm and averagely healthy lunch in a cafe whilst playing a silly game and giggling our heads off. We then plodged  through the mud at a beautiful wetlands centre before heading home to reluctantly take the tree down. Bliss (apart from the shopping section).

And tonight, instead of decluttering, ironing and cleaning, I’m going to run a bath using some of the delicious products I was given at Christmas that usually sit there collecting dust until the next year.

Now I’m not saying I won’t be joining in with the post Christmas cleanse.  I’m pretty sure I need to lose a few lumps of belly,  and I really enjoy and desperately need all things healthy to maintain my energy levels which plummet after anything out of the ordinary.

I’m just saying that the other things are all part of it too. There’s no point in me stuffing my face with turmeric-infused-quinoa if I’m stressed and in need of a veggie lasagne followed by a long bath to try and chip away at some of the leg hair that I’ve been cultivating since having children and giving up on shaving.

My more realistic New Year’s resolution this year is to be kind to myself, learn to make better bread,  and make sure I spend more time on things that make me happy and help me feel great.


Be kind to yourself

Love, Lynne x


Big is not always better

This blog has nothing to do with MS.

It has to do with my intentionally simple and relaxing Christmas after what has been a difficult year for many, including myself.

There’s a growing trend towards simplifying life, spending less and hugging (or hygge-ing) more.

And I like it. I like it a lot. It’s what I was brought up on. Lots of hanging out, walks in the country and time snuggling up with my family.

We are rarely organised enough to plan lots of “Christmas activities” and sometimes Facebook makes me feel a bit lazy and like I ought to plan more “stuff”.

But when both of my girls told me they were having the “best Christmas EVER” this morning, I realised that this is all they need. Time to chill out, play, draw, argue, jump off high stuff, collect sticks and bake questionable goodies.

Since breaking up from school, my very lovely (and lively) children and I have done the following “activities”:

1. Explored the woods collecting sticks and searching for bugs (yuck) under logs. I kept my yucks silent and invisible in front of the girls.

2. Had long, splashy, leisurely “deepest ever” baths  in the middle of the day.

3. Made gingerbread and rolled and shaped the life out of it until it was completely inedible.

4. Played “jumping onto this squishy bunchy pile of stuff” (see picture above).

5. Made way too many paper chains for our house.

6. Walked around our neighbourhood admiring Christmas lights and deciding that next year we need to invest in a family of light up reindeer.

7. Done French plaits to make our hair wavy.

8. Imaginary games with teddies and tea sets. These games are my personal favourite.

9. Spent two nights and two days totally exhausting their grandparents with games, playgrounds and disturbed nights.

And we’re only half way through the holidays.

What a relief to be out of the daily routine.

I have to agree with my clever babies. This truly is the best time ever.

I really hope you are having your version of the best Christmas ever.

Happy, happy Christmas,

Love, Lynne x