Happy New (slower and kinder) Year

7813051B-AB2E-4601-A4A6-A507DDCC3B93I’ve been meaning to write this for a few days and something has stopped me each day. As a Yoga teacher, MS-y blogger and health geek I felt it was something I really ought to be doing.

But whenever I started reading articles and blogs about “New Year Clean eating ” or “New Year’s Resolutions” I realised that it wasn’t really how I was feeling.

And as I only ever write about how I’m feeling, it just wasn’t going to work.

I’m easing into 2018. As usual I’m feeling a bit lethargic after the Christmas travelling, over-indulgence and general lack of routine. So I’ve decided it’s probably more important to gradually regain some of those lovely habits that keep me so well and sane, rather than scrabbling around at the bottom of the fridge for green things to go into the nutribullet from the minute the new year starts.

So last night instead of cutting out dairy, sugar and all things tasty, I ate some cheese and booked myself a massage.

And yesterday instead of frantically sprinting off the mince pies (which I can’t really do anyway due to my crazy leg),  I went for a speedy march to the beach in the rain just as it was getting dark. On my own. It was blissfully energising and lung clearing.

Yesterday was the last day of the Christmas holidays with my kids. So after a torturous shopping experience (online shopping is always wiser), we had a tasty, warm and averagely healthy lunch in a cafe whilst playing a silly game and giggling our heads off. We then plodged  through the mud at a beautiful wetlands centre before heading home to reluctantly take the tree down. Bliss (apart from the shopping section).

And tonight, instead of decluttering, ironing and cleaning, I’m going to run a bath using some of the delicious products I was given at Christmas that usually sit there collecting dust until the next year.

Now I’m not saying I won’t be joining in with the post Christmas cleanse.  I’m pretty sure I need to lose a few lumps of belly,  and I really enjoy and desperately need all things healthy to maintain my energy levels which plummet after anything out of the ordinary.

I’m just saying that the other things are all part of it too. There’s no point in me stuffing my face with turmeric-infused-quinoa if I’m stressed and in need of a veggie lasagne followed by a long bath to try and chip away at some of the leg hair that I’ve been cultivating since having children and giving up on shaving.

My more realistic New Year’s resolution this year is to be kind to myself, learn to make better bread,  and make sure I spend more time on things that make me happy and help me feel great.


Be kind to yourself

Love, Lynne x


Happy Valentine’s Day

IMG_3565.JPGI’m a big believer in taking great care of yourself, not just with what you eat and how you keep your body fit, but also allowing yourself time to do stuff that makes you truly happy and relaxed.

So for those of you who are feeling that today is just one big annoying money making exercise, or that it’s a bit unfair on those of us that are not in a happy relationship, then please please please do something lovely for yourself today anyway.

As my hubby has just come down with a very serious case of “man flu”,  I will be the one to make sure that we have an evening full of romance (at a distance of course – I really don’t want to catch man flu. It seems much worse than any common cold I’ve ever had).

So in the interest of taking good care of myself, after I have cooked us a delicious meal, I am going to tuck hubby up into bed with a hot lemon, remove all the brightly coloured plastic toy-tat from our bathroom, run myself a bubble bath, light candles, play a bit of George Michael and relax. For ages. Till I’m wrinkly from the hot water. I will then get into bed early to read my book. Amazing.

Hmm I might even shave my legs.

Nah. That seems a bit too much like a job on my to-do list.

I think I’ll wait till it’s a bit warmer for shaving.

Happy Valentining everyone x




Hotel Happiness

There’s nothing like a bit of chill out time in a hotel to cheer a tired old bird like me up. It gives me time to appreciate what I have, to realise how lucky I am and what is really important in my life.

I also get to sleep all night without any small people screaming for my attention and disturbing my precious sleep (which helps hugely with the appreciation bit)

But most of all, it means I get to enjoy this little beauty whenever I fancy it. Alone. Alongside some questionable daytime TV.



What with this and the room service, I’m pretty much in heaven.

Maybe an annual habit has been started?!


So very, very proud

My eldest has inherited my listiness.

In fact she has built upon my listiness by adding columns and sections and filling each one with really fun things to do.

I’m so in love with her and her list that I’m off to write a list of fun things to do with my babies today.

It might involve ticking stuff off a list.

Oh dear. I think I need help.