My Happy Place – A Walk for All

I absolutely love this place. A five minute drive from my house and a manageable circular walk for my crazy leg.

And then I saw this:


This sign made me very happy.  Happy that someone had thought about it. Happy that someone had realised that not everyone can walk everywhere, and at times, anywhere. And even though I already know this is the case, I was still happy to see it in writing and to be reminded that I am most certainly not the only one stumbling around the old railway line as if I had had a few gins for breakfast (people with MS can look like they’re drunk due to the fact that balance, muscle stiffness and nerve damage can affect gait. For me this worsens the further I walk).

One of the things that I never imagined as a child would be difficult for me was walking. I grew up in Durham and spent lots of my childhood leaping around the beautiful North-East countryside with absolutely no idea that one day I would be in any way limited.

Mentally for me, this time spent outside in nature has always been absolutely essential. Aside from the physical benefits, I feel more positive, inspired and much more likely to get a good dose of Vitamin D. At the moment I can always cycle this route on the days that walking is too difficult for me to. But if I ever can’t cycle (horror) then at least I can get my hairy husband to push me around it.

I’m aiming for that to never be necessary.

I nailed that walk this morning.



A Perfect View

C34E30EC-7764-44E5-9A46-367A2771FD02Two years ago I stood on this hill behind my little family thinking how perfect the day was. Sunny, warm and calm on the outside. A bag of nerves on my inside.

It was the perfect “last day” before filling my body with enough toxins to wipe out a large part of my immune system.

“Shit I hope this treatment works and doesn’t make things worse” I remember thinking.

So far so good.



Happy Valentine’s Day

IMG_3565.JPGI’m a big believer in taking great care of yourself, not just with what you eat and how you keep your body fit, but also allowing yourself time to do stuff that makes you truly happy and relaxed.

So for those of you who are feeling that today is just one big annoying money making exercise, or that it’s a bit unfair on those of us that are not in a happy relationship, then please please please do something lovely for yourself today anyway.

As my hubby has just come down with a very serious case of “man flu”,  I will be the one to make sure that we have an evening full of romance (at a distance of course – I really don’t want to catch man flu. It seems much worse than any common cold I’ve ever had).

So in the interest of taking good care of myself, after I have cooked us a delicious meal, I am going to tuck hubby up into bed with a hot lemon, remove all the brightly coloured plastic toy-tat from our bathroom, run myself a bubble bath, light candles, play a bit of George Michael and relax. For ages. Till I’m wrinkly from the hot water. I will then get into bed early to read my book. Amazing.

Hmm I might even shave my legs.

Nah. That seems a bit too much like a job on my to-do list.

I think I’ll wait till it’s a bit warmer for shaving.

Happy Valentining everyone x